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Start of Something.

Posted by Aliveoncamera - August 4th, 2014

Well, I published my first cartoon about a month back, and overall, it's decent. Good for a start, however, I still need to do more. Something better. Something... You know, decent, original, something that's not a stupid, silly meme.

I am working on something, though. A few things, actually. I don't want to say exactly what they are, or when they'll ever be up. I don't want to be a dirty rotten lier if they don't ever happen.

I guess all I can say is that something will happen. Eventually. Yeah. That sounds about right.

Comments (1)

I just watched the animation you mentioned. I actually laughed a bit.

What you're saying here is going to be a bit... difficult, yeah. Being original is pretty freaking hard, as you'll discover practically everything has been done already. Everything "good" has been done already. It's all about giving your own touch to it anymore, to find the knack you like doing. Being original takes effort, more than you'd think.

In music, we're even more limited in our choices what to do. We have limited set of notes, chords and progressions. It has come to the point we can pretty much break down anything into obvious pieces and discuss about them because we just... have done it all before already.

Just keep it up and do whatever you like doing the most. Don't try to please to audience and do whatever you want. That's how you get to be more original, genuine and without workflow issues.

What you're saying is 100% true. It's almost impossible to be really, really unique, and that usually comes with year and years of experience. It's something someone like myself shouldn't really focus on at the moment.
Music... Oh man. Props to you. Seriously. I can only imagine how hard it must me, but you gotta do what you love doing, right?