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I absolutely love the atmosphere to this. The background is also really, really lovely. My only really comment would be that I don't really see how the houses work, but again, the epic atmosphere, and the eye for detail in the rocks and hills is wonderful!

So intricate! This must have taken a while. There's just so much detail in the line art. I could make some mild complaints about how the shading is a tad bit off, but the gorgeous quality of the lines easily make up for that.
Fantastic work!

For the time you were given, this came out pretty good. The lighting is really astounding. That being said, the anatomy in the face is kinda... off, and definitely needs a little work. Overall though, great work!

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :) Indeed, I keep doling these to practice anatomy.

I like the simplicity of this. My only main gripe would be that the hands look a tad bit off, but other than that your anatomy is good.

The art itself is very good, however, the art is hindered by the poor quality of the photo. If you can't afford a high quality picture, just take a picture and edit it in any old image editing program and adjust the brightness and contrast.
Good luck on the game!

TrojanMan87 responds:

thank you.

This is pretty cute! I love the expressions on their faces, it really tells all. The simplistic coloring, and the muted color choice really benefited this picture for the better. I could be a douche, and complain about the fact that there's no background, and they're just floating in space, but it works for this.
All in all, good job!

tristious responds:

the commission was just for lines and flat colour with no bg lol

This is astounding! The colors are fantastic, it gives it a certain unreal, and... well, psychedelic quality. I love it.

This is really lovely. The simplicity really helped draw focus to how well the face was done. I also like how the snow kind of gives the impression that there is motion. Great job.

This is pretty good. My only complaint, really is that the lines are a bit messy. It's a tad bit distracting. The shading on the hair and pants is fantastic, as well as the tone on the muscles.

SurrealKatie responds:

It was the preference of the commissioner, they, and myself both prefure the rougher sketchier look it gives the image. Though I do admit its a wee bit 'too' messy.

This is great! I love how simple it is, yet it still has a strong sense of direction. While I could complain about how the background is a tad bit blank, but to be honest, it just adds to the overall atmosphere of it. It's lovely.

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