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This has a nice, Wario-Ware sort of feel. Unfortunately though, 7 mini-games in 7 seconds doesn't offer the play much time to actually enjoy how strange these mini-games are, not only that, but this just has sort of a rushed feel to it, and because of that, the quality suffers. I liked the concept, but the actual game leaves a lot to be desired.

This is a pretty good Tycoon game. The visuals are nice, the music is upbeat, the gameplay is good enough. Fantastic work!

While this game is short, there were some interesting mechanics introduced. I just wish the game was longer, and some more puzzles that focused on building upon the previously introduced mechanics were made, but for what we got, I'm very happy.
Great work, and I happily await a sequel.

While the basic concept of this game was pretty dull, I mean, It's Break-Out. That right there has been done to death, but here, it was done well. I mean, while the basic concept of the game is very familiar, this at least does that concept well, and like regular Break-out, it's still pretty addicting.

If I were to knit-pick, though, I would say that FlashGameClubs' logo is a bit boring, and kind of left me with a poor first impression, but that is a very, very petty thing to point out. Also, the ball is a bit glitchy. I once launched a ball, lost it, and the game wouldn't let me launch another ball, even though I still had two left, but that only happened once.

Overall, it's pretty much okay.

While this game was pretty good, I feel like I should address what's been said before. This is a pretty 'been done' kind of idea, bit it was implemented in a pretty cool way here.
That being said, the rest of the game felt pretty solid. Good work!

This game has a really neat, retro-y feel to it. While it's not perfect, it's still really enjoyable to play. Great job!

You tried. You really did try, but unfortunately, it wasn't a very good try. The game was too short for it's own good, the controls feel floaty and annoying, the sprite felt needlessly stock when the other objects in the game seem to have been made by hand...
Here's what you could do to improve it...
1. Improve the sprites. Seriously. It doesn't look good.
2. Fix the coding. 'nuf said.
3. Make the game longer.
Just... Improve it. Okay? It's playable. That deserves at least some credit.

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Okay, this game has he potential to be something better than what it is. For one, the game feels really floaty. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not. Two, the games has a slightly... off-putting tone. Mostly due to the fact that there was no music. I understand that you addressed this in the artists comments, but it needed to be said. Also, the player is given little to no information regarding what he/she can and cannot do. Now, I can understand why this wasn't included, but still, even if you know for sure people will know how to play, add a tutorial just to be safe. (Make it skippable though!) That's really all I have to complain about. There's no story, but this is a prototype, so it gets a pass.
I need to applaud the graphics. They do look really nice. It makes the game feel more like the 2-D shooter it should be. This really does feel like there's a really solid game in here, that with a little work and effort, could blossom into something beautiful.

This game is a good prototype, but it's just that... a prototype. I look forward to seeing the finish product!

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