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I love this, I really do. It's well made, the lyrics have meaning (For the most part) The tone is nice, and it's just overall fantastic, so it's pretty much standard Harry. Amazing.

I love this animation. I really do.
It's brilliant. I can say that a thousand times over. The story is great, the animation is nice, and the pay off at the end was lovely. Fantastic job!

I know that feel... "I wanna be productive this summer!"
Computer: "Lol, No."

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This has a nice, Wario-Ware sort of feel. Unfortunately though, 7 mini-games in 7 seconds doesn't offer the play much time to actually enjoy how strange these mini-games are, not only that, but this just has sort of a rushed feel to it, and because of that, the quality suffers. I liked the concept, but the actual game leaves a lot to be desired.

This is a pretty good Tycoon game. The visuals are nice, the music is upbeat, the gameplay is good enough. Fantastic work!

While this game is short, there were some interesting mechanics introduced. I just wish the game was longer, and some more puzzles that focused on building upon the previously introduced mechanics were made, but for what we got, I'm very happy.
Great work, and I happily await a sequel.

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I absolutely love the atmosphere to this. The background is also really, really lovely. My only really comment would be that I don't really see how the houses work, but again, the epic atmosphere, and the eye for detail in the rocks and hills is wonderful!

So intricate! This must have taken a while. There's just so much detail in the line art. I could make some mild complaints about how the shading is a tad bit off, but the gorgeous quality of the lines easily make up for that.
Fantastic work!

For the time you were given, this came out pretty good. The lighting is really astounding. That being said, the anatomy in the face is kinda... off, and definitely needs a little work. Overall though, great work!

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :) Indeed, I keep doling these to practice anatomy.

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